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Sunoco Credit Card Concepts

Spec creative concepts for the Sunoco brand credit card. Wanted to present two new look and feels for the brand that felt different from current creative direction, giving them a fresher look with a new conversational tone. One direction focused on the desire to explore and how this brand contributes to adventure. The second direction was meant to speak directly to the consumer and allow the brand to be more approachable.


Project Credits:

Creative Direction: Chris Reif
Copywriting: Ryan Overhiser  


Illustrative Direction - Gateway to the open road

Fueling journeys near and far for over 125 years. This approach will celebrate the rich heritage as a company that takes pride in providing Americans everywhere with a sense of adventure. The landscapes cerated for this direction were all created within the iconic diamond shape implying that the brand was the window to your own adventure.


Simple DIRECTION - Sincere Simplicity

Everyone knows when they’ve gotten something from their bank in the mail. Boring envelopes. Robotic writing. The same old, same old. This approach will change that by speaking to Sunoco Rewards Credit Cardholders in a way they’re not used to – one that’s straightforward, friendly, and real.